Warning: This is addictive.

This Interactive site lets you create Symphonies with your Keyboard.

On the desktop, Just Press Any Key and Hit spacebar to transform the soundscape and also the colors!

Patatap is a ‘portable animation and sound kit’ which lets you create melodies by tapping your keyboard or your phone. Along with each sound a corresponding shape animation is played against a backdrop of color.

Patatap was designed and developed by Jono Brandel, who has performed alongside many artists Deadmau5, Crystal Castles and more acts while accompanying their music with moving images. For Patatap he collaborated with Japan-based music composer duo Lullatone. With each sound they try to bring out the everyday wonder of overlooked moments and make the mundane seem magical.

“The motivation behind Patatap is to introduce the medium of Visual Music to a broad audience,” writes Brandel. “Artists working in this field vary in discipline but many aim to express the broader condition of Synesthesia, in which stimulation of one sensory input leads to automatic experiences in another. Hearing smells or seeing sounds are examples of possible synesthesia. In the case of Patatap, sounds trigger colorful visual animations.”

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