Stephanos Budagyan a.k.a MamoruKin is a New Media Artist based in Rotterdam who explores the world through his photographic lens. He has a background in Film and Animation while he was the founder of Deviantart’s supergroup [all art support].








OPS asked him to immerse us in his newest project “Keep Walking” :

[“Keep Walking” is a photography series about the interaction between people, how and why we are all interconnected. As the title implies, through my photographic lens I have captured people’s locomotion in an urban environment. In case you are wondering, I had a great influence from Johnny Walker’s campaign (which is one of my top favorites) while choosing the title. Through this study, I attempted to express the way I perceive the world around me, aiming to create a vehicle of inspiration to encourage people to keep being constructive and heading towards their fulfillment. On that grounds, “Keep Walking” consists of individuals’ portraits on movement, which symbolizes the uniqueness of existence while being part of something bigger and communal. So… Keep Walking!

P.S. The fact that the photographed subject is heading to the right has no political implication.]

You can find MamoruKin in Deviantart &    e-mail: