Imagine a world where actors in theatres could be anyone or anything would like to be without any makeup, without even going off stage. And that’s called Face Projection Mapping.

We have seen it before but Ouchhh with their latest project “Dare to Dream” take things to the next level by using a living canvas.OUCHHH is an Istanbul based independent creative new media agency with cross-discipline expertise in graphic design, digital, motion graphics and sound design. In the first seconds of the project the woman starts “breathe heavily” and her face is scanned with great accuracy, after that the dream begins to come true. By using Real-Time Face Tracking, like using a moving digital makeup her face transforms into a series of stunning new masks.


Direction/Design/Animation: Ouchhh
Creative Coding&Technical Direction: Fikirbazzenger
Design: Arzu Kaprol
Art Direction: Mercan Dede & Ouchhh
Storyteller: Sebnem Ferah
Music: Mercan Dede
Sound Design: Audiofil
Documentation: Ouchhh
Projection Technical: Visio-vox