Candy Chang is a Taiwanese-American Artist provokes playful and profound visions for how we can connect, reflect, and cultivate the health of our communities.

Would you Reveal your deepest thoughts?

Chang believes that our personal anxieties extend into our public life and many of the conflicts in our communities come from a lack of trust and understanding. This personal anonymous space offered a gentle first step towards honesty and vulnerability in public, which can lead to trust and understanding. These are essential elements for a more compassionate society, which can not only help us create better places together but can also help us become our best selves. 

In her project “Confessions” she invited people to confess anonymously their most personal secret onto wooden plaques in private confession booths.

The end result was over 1500 plaques on a wall… for everyone to see.

You can watch all The confessions, on the project site .