What happens when the most known Paris Bartenders blends with Greece and especially Greek products?

The Best Cocktail Ever.

The most known bartenders of France came to Larissa, Greece to participate in a project of  Bar Engage – Αγκαζέ. An oppurtunity to exchange ideas and expertise  between Bartenders from Paris and producers from Larissa.

Coktails based on olive oil, fresh tomatoes, loukoumia etc in a combination with a series of seminars and parties make the festival and the participants live a once in a lifetime experience.

kos Markatos is the man behind the Portraits. A mixture of blue lines, shadows and a vivid red forming the faces of the Bartenders and makes the result even tastier.


Portraits of Bartenders: Kelly Ballett («Lulu White» ), Guillaume Quenza («Sherry Butt» ), Sullivan Doh («Le Syndicat» ), Jenifer Foulard («Le Mary Celeste» ), Sebastien Gans («Candelaria» ), Guillaume Leblanc («Dirty Dick» ), Maxime Potfer («Experimental Cocktail Club» ), Remy Savage («Little Red Door» ), Sichanh Christophe και Titi Thierry («Le Calbar» ), Mido Ahmed Yahi («Café Moderne» ), Romain Krot («La Conserverie»/«Little Red Door» )

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