We can’t see but we can feel there are more going on around us not only in the metaphysical but also in the physical world that we could never dream of.

Pyanek is a self-taught composer & photographer who “loves to create things, and dance to electronic music” as he admits. In his latest project “Amazing World” he guides us through a New World, Amazing…Yes, but not fictional.

His macrocinematography video combined with the music he composed especially for that project, makes us wonder…what else is there?



OPS: What are the messages or the feelings you want to convey through your video/photography and music?

Pyanek: The feelings I want to convey are essentially the feelings I feel when taking the pictures. I’m amazed when I see details I would’ve never expected, so what I try to create is an experience where people can get submerged in those details as well. With the music so far I’ve tried making something hypnotic, something that would help the viewer get pulled in to the experience, and go into a sort of trance. In ‘Amazing Worlds I‘ I took it to the extreme by making a really long meditative track, whereas for ‘Amazing Worlds II‘ I tried a different approach, but still keeping the energy similar.

The music itself shows another aspect of how I feel when taking the pictures, and that is the sensation that I’m looking at something alien. There is a mysterious vibe I get with the images, so again, I try to recreate that with the music.

There’s no explicit message I want to convey really, but if there were one I guess it would be that the world is an amazing place, that things are not always what they seem, and that there’s usually more than meets the eye.

OPS: What is your inspiration?

Pyanek: I don’t usually identify something or someone as being an inspiration. When I’m taking the photos, editing them, making the music and making the video I just try things until it feels “right”. It’s like a constant improvisation where something suddenly catches my attention, and I develop that something.

OPS: Although it might be a little cliché, tell us a bit the photographic technique you are using.

Pyanek: I use a technique called ‘reverse lens’, which is the cheapest way to do macro photography, without the need for dedicated equipment. The technique involves reversing the lens of a reflex camera and attaching it back to the camera using a reverse mount ring. This allows you to focus extremely close to the subject.

OPS: What is the “next step” on your artistic career?

Pyanek: I’m not sure if there is a future for the Amazing Worlds series, as the idea may have gotten old already. I will make another macro video though, but this one won’t be of objects nor foods. Apart from this I’m also focusing on my solo piano music. This year I published a track titled Makers Of Trees, and though I had planned on publishing more singles this year, I may just focus on releasing a full album instead.

Check Out Pyanek’s Music: HERE