-by Glyka P-

Here’s the thing.

Here in Edinburgh there’s always going to be someone who will come up with a brilliant (or not so brilliant) idea and then will start looking for people to join in and help out to realise it.

yNfH9NS_Pretty much that’s how the idea for a Greek internet radio station based here in Edinburgh came up.

A couple of friends had a flash of inspiration, a couple more had the actual skills to set it up and a whole bunch of others had the energy and the time to participate in this venture as radio producers. I belong to this last group of amateurs. I have no idea whatsoever how a radio station is supposed to operate or what you are supposed to talk about during a radio show, but I agreed to do it anyway, cause it’s something I’ve never done before and it sounded fun.

I teamed up with my flatmate, we picked a day and a time that would suit us both, installed the appropriate programme on our computers, kept disagreeing about the kind of music we would play and finally a couple of weeks ago we set out to do our first show ever.

It all went wrong. We couldn’t go live for over an hour, then the sound was horrible and in the end the system just blocked and we couldn’t fix the problem, so we had to stop broadcasting after only 40 minutes on air.

To be fair, the other producers seem to be coping far better than us. The radio’s menu includes uplifting music, gossip, Edinburgh news, silly small talk, audience interventions, funny grand theories. But we are not going to give up either! Already our second attempt was pretty decent.  The show ran smoothly and we never ran out of things to talk about. Fingers crossed we will keep improving over time.

As all proper radio stations, we as well have our own Website, Facebook , and you can also listen to us through the TuneIn app.

So look for us and tune in at your own risk!