written by Glyka P

Let me start by stating that for me dancing means struggling. I was never particularly fond of it, maybe because my mom made take ballet classes when I was a kid, as a way of helping me become more gracious and ladylike. Big failure. I was the worst in my class by far. After four years of torture, I stood my ground and refused to set foot on another ballet class.



As I grew up, with the exception of traditional Greek dances every now & then, I abstain from any other kind of dancing activity. It just wasn’t for me. Until I moved to Edinburgh. Being homesick and all, I started going to Greek parties and after a drink or two I stopped caring about who would witness my non-existed dancing skills. And I danced till I dropped. That was the first step in my dancing career.

A few years ago, my twin took up swing dancing as a hobby and kept urging
me to do the same, but every time I saw her dancing it seemed impossible that I would ever be able to dance like that. And then a friend, who also danced swing, moved to Scotland, and dragged me to one of swing dancing beginners classes. I was going through a try-as-many-new-things-as possible phase, so I indulged him. “One class”, I warned him. “And I’m done”.


Almost a year and a half later I am still going. Quite to my surprise I discovered that swing dancing was not as difficult and complicated as I thought it would be, plus I am actually quite decent at it!

But the greatest thing about it was that it gave me the chance to meet a lot of funny and interesting people.

Everybody there socializes and has fun with everybody regardless of age and general background. And bit by bit some of us kind of stuck together. First, we started going for drinks after class; then we all went together to swing workshops and parties and organized nights out and dinner parties. And then we even started going on trips together.



And the story goes on as through dancing I keep on meeting new people and trying out new things and every class is a new experience.

So, don’t hesitate, people! Do something wonderful for yourself and start dancing, ‘cause dancing brings people together!