Romance is dead! Or, is it?

written by Niko Mar


Love and romance in our days have been given a very specific and conventional meaning. We have been conditioned to think of it as something that occurs only in couples, and have forgotten how to flavour our lives with it. This is one of modern society’s “side effects”. With social media, fashion and every day life forcing the “cool” image on all of us, a  lot of people see it as “cheesy”, “lame” or “old fashioned.

In my eyes it’s a notion we should all live our lives by, because in the end, that’s all we’re left with. Because life is all about experiences. And experiences would be nothing without romance.

Some of us find satisfaction in the small everyday things, some find happiness in grandiose ideas and plans, and some of us find some profound meaning in the little, seemingly pointless things.
It could be moments shared with someone else, moments we spend with our selves or even routines and materialistic pleasures.

Like that moment when you look at someone and in a split second everything feels like it’s slowing down. As if it’s a scene from an indie film. And in that moment you are the protagonists!

Like when you’re led in bed and the morning sunlight coming through the window gently touches their face and their eyes light up in it as they smile at you. When you touch their hand for the first time. When you lean in to kiss each other and your heart races. When you look at their naked bodies for the first time. When you make them laugh. When you can completely be yourself around them. We all know these moments. And we all enjoy them, secretly or openly.

But also think about when you drink your favourite whiskey, listen to your favourite record, look at the vinyl-761592_960_720horizon at sunset…
When you share moments with friends and you know, you’re gonna be friends for a long time. When those friends see you for who you are and they know how to be there.
When someone says “thank you” and they really mean it.
When you have that cheeky little dance in your room. Alone. Knowing that people might judge you, but there and then, you don’t care.

Moments like those always come to pass, but what they leave behind is something quite deep and meaningful. That’s when you experience life in its fullest form. That’s what you’ll miss from the people you’ve lost, cherish in the people you have, and expect from the people that you’re yet to meet.

Call me a hopeless romantic, but I think that everything you love and you find happiness in, you should treat like a lover. And vice versa.

Niko out. For now.