written by SunSon

Since I started working and therefore interacting with more and more people in a daily basis, whenever a conversation reaches the point of music, films and/or new technologies, 99% of the times someone will bring up something from his recent experience in the SXSW to fire up the debate.
In the beginning I was completely ignorant on the subject and my first thought was that the SXSW must be something magical since everyone is speaking of it with passion, smile and a great deal of eagerness for the upcoming one.
Yeah right, but what exactly is the SXSW that everyone is talking about?

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Conferences and festivals offer the unique convergence of original music, independent films & emerging technologies.

It was like a big boom in my mind. Honestly, I couldn’t analyze it more. I had to wait anxiously until it starts happening.

The SXSW takes place annually the last 30 years
from March 10th to March 20th in the whole Austin downtown area with special, dedicated constructions. Everyone is able to purchase tickets (and everyone does. I remember walking on the 6th street within the international crowds, sliding on used airline tickets from all over the world) with the early birds starting 6 months earlier. At a glance you can notice how pricy the tickets are but I guess there is a good reason for it.

The first five days of the SXSW with the Film and the Interactive mostly taking place, passed about quietly with several bright points:

  • President B. Obama is the first sitting president to ever grace a SXSW (good for him) and he officially kicked off the big event. He left his mark by calling on the SXSW audience to solve the nation’s biggest problems by working in conjunction with the United States government.
  • The second day during the Film Conference actor Jake Gyllenhaal discusses what draws him to a role, the importance of the story, how fear plays into the thrill of acting, the director and actor creative process and relationship, and opens the floor for an audience Q&A. “I believe really deeply in the unconscious of a story – it has to have something underneath.” he said. Watch the full video here.
  • The 3rd day was all about Gaming. This gathering basically concerned fanatics and people that really appreciate video games, animations, and comics, and want to catch up on the latest trends, to connect with industry insiders and gaming programmers. Crazy stuff!
  • HERE you can find the Film Festival lineup where all the films had been submitted by the filmmakers all over the world with the unique opportunity of the audience to judge and announce the Award winners after eight full days of screenings. You can always participate in 2017 SXSW by submitting your own short film. Good luck there!
  • During this period you could find, in the heart of the downtown, the famous experiment called Silent Room by the Dutch London-based artist Simon Heijdens. As he rightly says, by getting in this room you experience the overwhelming sensation of absolute and complete silence – a rare, completely unmediated state of nothingness. The effect of the anechoic chamber has been described as ‘unbalancing’, ‘disconcerting’ and ‘hallucinative’ – it is said no person has ever been able to stay more than 45 minutes. Wow! Challenge accepted…


And now the Music:
I am totally overwhelmed with this experience , so I’ve already started saving money for the next year’s ticket.
Making this long story short, through this Hyperlink you can look up within the chaotic (chaotic regarding to the number of the artists, otherwise is alphabetically lined up) music line-up by genre or by artist and below some videos I collected for y’all.

In conclusion, if you’d like a super injection of abundant amount of inspiration that’s definitely the event to participate.

Although, after an outrageous mistake of mine the last day in SXSW I lost a three digit number of footages, I made a very short composition of random ones during the SXSW festival from what it was left, just to give you an idea.

Till next time,

p.s. Hip hop lovers, this recently uploaded video is exclusively for you.