As the great carnival celebration is one step away, I am sitting here making up a list of my top 10 horror /thriller movies. To be honest, if I were you I would have taken a drive to Ioannina to see the big bonfires (called Tzamales) or to Kozani to see Fanous.

What if you need any costume ideas since dressing up as “Scream” is overrated? If so, check out my list and get ready to scream like little girls.


Fruit Chan, Takashi Miike & Chan-Wook Park, the masterminds of modern Asian horror, synthesize a triptych of gore that will make you turn your heads of screen.


The all time classic thriller movie, starring the most “loving” serial killer in the history of cinema, Hannibal Lecter, unfolds the story of Buffalo Bill. Embrace the madness and let this movie take you to the very depths of a psychological delirium.

3. THE GIFT (2015)

“Gordo the Weirdo”(beautifully) played by Joel Edgerton will give you the chills that crawling up your spine. It is a meticulously directed film, constantly toying with your emotions. As a spectator you will feel like placed in the middle, questioning the terms of “good” and “bad”, formulating a kind of “Stockholm syndrome” towards the creepy, bullied victim. SIMON SAYS WATCH THIS MOVIE! *snaps fingers*


Another overly creepy film, sharing common ground with “The Gift” that will make you double lock your entrance door and get goosebumps every time you encounter your landlord / doorman.

5. UNFRIENDED (2014)

“Unfriended” is a new kind of thriller movie that is introducing the spectator to an immersive, although familiar, experience within the frames of various and famous social media. A strong message is being conveyed that admirably reaches the other side of the line. Cyber-bullying, a hot topic of the last quinquennium, rises the public’s attention, and it is dynamically portrayed within this 83 minutes unconventional thriller movie.

6. THE LOVED ONES (2009)

The Australian cinema industry has started to become one of my favorites! Let me introduce you to one of the creepiest movies of all times which will teach you a very important lesson… DO NOT FRIENDZONE A GIRL BEFORE THE SCHOOL PROM! I am waiting for a Korean adaptation of that movie where spicier and bloodshed-ier scenes will be added.

7. SAW (2004)

Saw will always be a synonym of my teenage years. A horror film, equivalent to the Miike’ s gores (e.g. “Ichi the Killer”) that will blow your mind. Well scripted, well acted and with a huge plot twist that will make your blood curdle. Do you wanna join the roller coaster of emotions and test your stomach? That’s your movie!


When you see kids or dolls in thrillers, it is a  r e a l l y  bad omen! It is like when you know which objects are going to move in Disney’s animations. Therefore, either the kid is possessed, or it is going to be possessed, sees weird things, has an imaginary friend and stuff. That is why I hate thrillers with kids or dolls. Kids are creepy. Uno, Dos, Tres… Toca la pared! *high-pitched scream*

9. [REC] (2007)

I feel ashamed of myself every time I recall this film! It made me jump off my seat way too many times and constantly turning off and on the volume. The raw footage and the shaky camera immerse you deeply in the scenery, making you have the feeling that the “nightmare” is real. You, fans of The Walking Dead, will adore this sh*t!


First of all, D O  N O T  W A T C H the trailer of this movie, trust me blindly, you will get spoiled. Every tiny detail is a major spoil that will ruin this masterpiece. After the first 30 minutes, you will gradually realize it is not a film with poltergeists and evil spirits. Here is where the major plot twist slaps you on the face mercilessly… and after that another slap! What the eff is happening?


Enjoy, have a spooky Carnival and a joyful & meat-free Lent!