A monthly blog about experiences in this crazy little world we live in.

written by Niko Mar

So, about six years ago I was this 23 years old guy, with a great passion for music and no university degree, living in a country that has very little to offer in terms of opportunities in the music industry. A country with, what I perceived as, a rapidly deteriorating political and economical situation and a kind of stubborn, stuck-in-the-past cultural approach to life.

Feeling kinda lost and desperate, that’s when the idea hit me: “you need to move away and re-invent your life”.

This is how it all started. Without trying to say that moving away from your country is the only way to start new, it just seemed to me as the most efficient way to satisfy the escapist needs of my confused self.

Back at that time in Greece people (including myself) seemed to think that moving abroad is very difficult and incredibly expensive. Well, it’s not. Not if you save up as much as you can, and have enough determination. So I moved back in with my parents, got my self a shitty job and made it my goal that by the end of 2010 I would be out of the country. And that I did. Wanting to combine my moving away with studies, I started looking for universities to do a degree in psychology which was another main interest of mine.

My personal choice was the UK. Purely because of the great music that’s come out of it and it’s world renowned universities. The city; Bristol.

It wasn’t hard to decide on the city actually, as it took a quick internet research to realise how much this place had to offer. It wasn’t as big and corporate as London, communities were thriving, it was full of cultural events, it has an amazing music scene, a much better climate that the rest of England (well, it still rains here), and last but not least, it’s beautiful to look at!

And that being said, on September the 10th of 2010 I found my self on a one way flight to Bristol, UK. The city that I later on realised how much it sucks you in and makes you want to call it “home”. So here I am, five years (and a bit) later, sitting on my living room sofa, typing up the beginning of a blog that I will be using to share experiences and thoughts with you every month.

Niko out. For now…