Being young, full of passion and at the same time a perfect combination.

written by SunSon


All I had was a US passport and a car which I sold in order to be able to travel.

In the early months of 2015, I was located in a captivating village at the foot of Mt Olympus in Greece. I had just graduated and I was trying to figure out a way out from this cruel, insane crisis I was surrounded by, which inhumanly and without any hesitation could destroy any dream or ambition I might ever had.

After a full month of research and general preparation I felt completely ready to travel thousands of miles away from my loved ones (considering my dog) in order to seek for a brand new life in a yet unknown city in the US where I knew no one, had no job lined up and with only a couple of hundred dollars in my pocket.It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

I remember myself twisting between many different choices with regards to my new potential hometown. I had to choose wisely though, as I didn’t have the luxury to sacrifice lots of resources for this new start.

In the first place, I checked out Los Angeles and Miami, but it took me less than a few hours of web research to turn both of them down:

LA is the perfect place to move in if you are a millionaire, or if you have a high paid job waiting for you, or if you are a consciously ambitious, talented actor, director etc. that expect to attend the scenes of Hollywood.

Miami was after all out of my list, as the humidity rate is most of the times as high as hell and the overall construction targets mostly retired ages looking for a fine, warm resort to spend the rest of their lives.

Photographer Gay Block shot Miami Beach

Photographer Gay Block shot Miami Beach

Of course neither of those cities were what I was looking for.

So, I looked again at the map and I said to myself, how the heck did you miss this one?


Texas baby!  Texas!



Texas is sandwiched between California and Florida (LA and Miami) and Austin is the capitol of Texas.

Let’s check this one out:

Austin is known as a high-tech, fast growing city for the young and creative, a very cool place to live and the scene of internationally famous events and festivals such as SXSW, Formula1, etc.

It looked good to me and instantly I felt that it fits my personality completely.

In addition, it is a cultural diverse city and the variety of the people moving and living in Austin is extremely impressive.  I’d say it is like a giant, new age, multicultural magnet which draws its polarity from the liberal hippie lifestyle of the past.

And indeed, it is one of the most liberal cities in the US, and as an old local metaphor goes:  Austin’s a blueberry in the tomato soup of Texas.

And then the lights of the airlines showed me the way to my new hometown.

I have been living here for 8 months now and I can assure you without any exaggerations, that all these stereotypes about Austin are 100% true: It has a bunch of liberal Hippies, almost everyone is in tech, everyone is beautiful and just about everyone’s a musician.

Heading To Downtown

Heading To Downtown

From here and on, folks, I will be writing and sharing with you stories, photos and videos on whatever I believe it’s fascinating, interesting and weird about this little paradise called Austin, and honestly I don’t know where to start from.